- Frank Orman

We are Lorija and Inese: adventurers, animal lovers, and ambassadors for all things outdoors.

We invite you to explore authentic, unspoiled Italy on our small group tours. Whether you travel on two wheels, four legs, or with flippers on your feet, our carefully-crafted tours will introduce you to the dazzling natural wonders that Italy has to offer. See this beautiful part of the world from a different perspective when you travel with our expert guides – draw a deep breath of fresh, mountain air into your lungs and let the stresses of modern life drain away.

It is the unique transportation we offer, the intimate, family-run accommodation we provide, and the authentic food and wine experiences we organise that make our holidays stand apart from the rest. Seize the day and do holidays the Happy Donkey way!

If you’re seeking a unique, off-the-beaten track experience that will allow you to discover the real Italy, there is a Happy Donkey tour to suit you.


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