About Us

Happy Donkey Tours is adventure travel company offering adventure tours all around the world.

We specialize in small group tours and family holidays and our particularity is trekking with donkeys.

Why Happy Donkey Tours?

We were the first to organize trekking with donkeys in Italy, now more than 10 years ago. We started with a small herd of 6 donkeys, but in a few years our idea of arranging trekking for families became an activity known and appreciated by many families, both in Italy and abroad, so much that our “family” rapidly grew and we now have 60 donkeys, 10 mules and 10 horses.

Thanks to our many years experience in tourism, we decided to offer new trekking trails with animals and new destinations all around the world for lovers of adventure, mountains and nature in general.

Our strength is passion for active holidays and nature, driving us to discover new places and activities’ and to be able to offer you tours that are always original and dynamic.

If you’re seeking a unique, off-the-beaten track experience there is a Happy Donkey tours to suit you. Seize the day and do holidays the Happy Donkey way!