Family Tours

The favourite family holidays is our trekking with donkeys. This particular way of travel not only will let you admire the beautiful landscapes, mountains and untouched nature, but the reliable donkey will also bring your personal belongings and tired children for a few days becoming their best friend.

Also Bike tours or a drive in 4×4 jeep or in the cute italian„Fiat 500” are suitable for travelling around not worrying about children getting tired.

For older children or teenagers there is the possibility to learn different activities – rock climbing, canyoning, rafting or water sports – all accompanied by a professional guide.

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Donkey trekking in Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal
Portugal, Europe 7 days

With its granite landscape, oak forests, traditional villages, streams and valleys, the Peneda-Gerês National Park offers great sceneries for nature lovers.

Donkey trekking in Serra d’Arga, Portugal
Portugal, Europe 3 days

In Serra de Arga you will find traditional villages, rural agricultural practices, wild horses and stunning views,

Discover Holy lake in Kyrgyzstan, trekking with donkeys
Asia, Kyrghyzstan 8 days

Trekking with donkeys in Kyrgyzstan. For families with children from 8 years and for groups of friends/adults.

Discover Jordan with donkeys and bedouins!
Asia, Jordania 8 days / 4 days trekking

Explore Jordania with your friends or family walking slowly accompanied by beduins. Children can enjoy the company of donkeys, they will learn how to take care of donkeys and listen fantastic stories of beduins.

Explore hidden parts of Ethiopia with mules and camels
Ethiopia, Africa 10 days

10 days to explore magic Ethiopia walking with mules and camels. Local guide services will help you understand better Ethiopian history, lifestyle and food.

Walk between Umbrian villages and olive trees
Italia, Umbria, Europa 2 days

2 days hiking with donkeys in Umbria, near Spoleto village

Circular hike around Norcia
Italy, Europe, Umbria 4 days

This 3 days hiking with donkeys invites you to discover the beautiful surroundings of Norcia.

Landscapes of Tuscany
Tuscany, Italy 5 days

5 days trekking with donkeys enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany.

Landscapes of Tuscany
Tuscany, Italy 3 days

3 days trekking with donkeys enjoing the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany.

Discover Norcia, self guided
Umbria, Italy 6 days

5 days trek through the picturesque villages of Nera valley - Castel San Felice, Vallo di Nera, Macchia, Campi and Norcia.

Castles, villages and hermitages of Appennines
Tuscany, Italy 6 days

A 5 days donkey trek in the National park of Casentino forests discovering the castles, the hermitages and the mountain villages

Nera River Valley, 4 days guided donkey trek
Umbria, Italy 5 days

4 days of guided trekking with donkeys to discover the beautiful Valnerina valley in Umbria region.

Nera River Valley, 5 days self-guided trekking
Umbria, Italy 6 days

5 days self-guided trekking with donkeys to discover the beautiful Valnerina valley in Umbria region.

From villages to the Mediterranean sea
Spain 8 days

This 6 day donkey trek takes you from the foot of the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea.

Discovering Cilento coast
Italy, Campania 3 days

3 days together with a local guide discovering the medieval villages, Mediterranean Scrub, wineayards and olive groves.

Nera River Valley 4 days, self-guided
Umbria, Europa, Umbria, Italy, Italia 4 days

4 days of self - guided trekking with donkeys to discover the beautiful Valnerina valley in Umbria region.

Circular trek «Flânerie in Mercantour»
Mercantour National Park, France, Europe 7 days

This trek is tailored to those who feel they've earned the right to take it slow during their holidays. It's all about lying down in the mountain pastures and watching the butterflies flutter by. Suitable for: families with young children, couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Mercantour National park with donkeys
Mercantour National Park, France, Europe 8 days

Medium difficulty seven days trekking with donkeys in the amazing Mercantour National Park discovering the highest Alpine peaks, glacier lakes, mountain meadows and the rich flora and fauna.

Wild Corsica
France, Europe, Corsica 4 days

4-day trekking during which you will have a possibility to discover the Corsican culture, local cuisine, forgotten mule trails and incredible natural beauty!

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