One of the best ways to discover the real Italy is participating in typical food and wine tastings. Just so you will really understand Italians – good food is their essence of life!

Every region, every city or smallest village offers the traditional food and good wine – a paradise for gourmands!

Pizza, pasta, cheeses, olive oil, salami, fruit and vegetables, ice cream and chocolate…and coffee of course, no day without espresso or breakfast cappuccino.

Food and wine tours offer you a possibility to get to know the typical food and wine of a particular region, to discover the secrets of some dish, to take part in tastings or to learn how to make real Italian pizza or homemade pasta.

Just choose the region and we will take care of enough food and wine!

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil near La Spezia: mini course
Liguria, Italy 3 hours

Nicola will guide you through the experience of smelling, tasting and eating olive oil on a variety of “bruschetta” to understand which oil goes on which food and with which wine.

From the mussel farm to the table: a boat & food experience
Liguria, Italy approx. 4 hours

A special experience that will allow you to discover the secrets of a traditional activity, the mussel-farming, and to taste a delicious dish with fresh harvested seafood.

Pesto course in Levanto
Liguria, Italy approx. 1 hour

In this laboratory you will have the chance to learn how to make the pesto sauce with your own hands following the tradition.

Pesto course in Manarola
Liguria, Italy approx. 1 hour

You will leaarn how to make the traditional pesto sauce, with the use of the mortar, discovering its ingredients and history.

Manarola wine experience
Italy, Liguria 2 hours

Discover the viticulture traditions of Manarola with Alessandro, a young winemaker native of this beautiful village of Cinque Terre.

The wine tour in Riomaggiore – hiking and wine tasting!
Italy, Liguria 3 hours

The tasting consists of two different wines offering you a complete new gustatory experience – very natural wines! Andrea will explain you his wine growing methods – respecting the vineyard and the earth, without the use of chemical products.