4 days circular trek on Rota Vicentina route

From the donkey farm at the feet of Monchique Mountains you start your donkey hiking mainly on a section of the long distance trail GR Via Algarviana http://www.viaalgarviana.org/index.php/ligacoes-a-via-algarviana/ligacao-5-marmelete-aljezur/?lang=en to the typical small town Aljezur reigned over by a 10th century fortress.

From here you head off  on GR Rota Vicentina  http://de.rotavicentina.com/route-aljezur-arrifana-2.html towards the fantastic Atlantic coast.

From now on, In the Vicentine Coast Natural Park, fishermen trails lead your way northwards along the fantastic coastline with cliffs, unspoilt beaches and sand dunes. Another singular beauty – especially in blooming spring – the endemic and Mediterranean vegetation.

An archaeological treasure, Ribat de Arrifana, the 2nd on whole Iberian Peninsula, welcomes you on the third day. This 12th century convent fortress was placed on a headland, right on top of the cliffs, metres high above the sea. Once perfect strategic location, the Ribat offers us again an endless, stunning coastline view. Fascinating the adventurous placed stork nests, right upon the steepest cliffs – unique worldwide!

In the inland you walk through valleys or on plain land,  with cattle pastures, pine woods, eucalyptus forest, wilder areas where you can admire the natural vegetation, with dense scrub arbutus, white heather, scotch heather, viburnum tinus, cistus, lentiscus, wild asparagus, laurel and furze are in abundance.   You will walk through the alleys of historic Aljezur and cross with locals who all remember the time when donkeys made part of their life as well as you cross with hikers.

And whoosh! Warm hearted talks arise. Yes, that is it, the beautiful effect of donkey trekking: your long eared travel companion opens our hearts and the ones of people you meet.

Trekking is suitable for adults and for children used to walking.

Destination: Europe, Portugal

Self Guided

Duration: 5 days

Departure: 01.02. - 30.06. & 15.09. - 15.11.

Price: from 557,00 eur per person, min. 2 pax

Prices Include:
  • accommodation – 1 night with breakfast in hostel, 3 nights in guest house
  • donkey for luggage transport (1 donkey for 2 persons)
  • meeting with a local guide on day 2
  • road book, maps and information material
  • assistance during the trekking
  • transfers as per program
Prices Do not Include:
  • costs of transportation for getting to Aljezur
  • meals
  • insurance
  • anything not mentioned under “the price includes


Day 1

Arrival in Aljezur

Day 2

From donkey farm to Aljezur

KmMt Mt Hours
7 50

Day 3

From fertile riverbed to spectacular coast line view

KmMt Mt Hours
12 224 184

Day 4

Cliff line hike, archaeological dig Ribat de Arrifana

KmMt Mt Hours
9 161 190

Day 5

On the trace of former times

KmMt Mt Hours

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